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To help you learn more about our products and services, below is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

What should I do if the generator becomes damaged whilst on hire? 2017-05-19T00:04:24+00:00

 The most important thing to do is to STOP WORKING immediately!

Even if the generator appears to be functioning as normal, a damaged generator could be very dangerous to you, any staff, the surrounding environment and infrastructure.

Call Energy Rentals immediately on 1800 739 913 for advice on what you should do.

Will there be any additional costs ? 2014-08-15T02:58:04+00:00

Energy Rentals provides a full comprehensive quote based on the information provided.
The only time additional costs would be incurred is if, but not restricted to:
–      hire period is extended,
–      additional equipment is hired,
–      hire of extra accessories
–      fuel tank refill
–      damage to generator and or accessories

How much outdoor space do I need for the generator? 2014-08-15T04:54:48+00:00

To operate a generator we recommend at least 1 meter of space around all sides of the unit for safety and adequate ventilation.

Who should I contact if I have questions? 2017-05-19T00:06:08+00:00

If you’re unsure about your requirements, have general enquiries about Energy Rentals products and services, or simply want to chat about our power generator rental solutions call 1800 739 913.

What are Energy Rentals payment options? 2014-08-15T04:57:46+00:00

Energy Rentals has a few payment options:
– Direct Deposit
– Credit card: Visa, Master card
– Cheque / Money Order
– Installment payment options via Direct Deposit

Energy Rentals requires all payment / credit applications to be completed prior to the dispatch of any generators and or additional products.

How do I determine if or what power accessories I need? 2014-08-15T04:58:25+00:00

Based on your requirements and the application, Energy Rentals will advise you of what accessories you’ll require if you’re unsure.

Are specifications sheets supplied with hire? 2014-08-15T03:05:49+00:00

Yes of course. Energy Rentals supplies full specifications for all generators and fuel thanks that are hired.

What is the difference between standby, prime and continuous power ratings? 2014-09-26T05:54:21+00:00

Standby Power is often used in an emergency situation, such as a power outage. Standby power is ideal if the application it’s being used for has a reliable and continuous power source. Standby power is generally used for a short duration of time, such as power outages or short-term maintenance modes.

Prime Power is basically the continuous running time of power use. It’s the prime power source and not used for standby use or emergency backup. Prime Power is used when no other utility source is unavailable, such as operations in remote or distant locations, mining operations etc.

Continuous Power is similar to Prime Power but has a base load rating. Meaning, it can supply constant (continuous) power, but it’s not capable of handling overload conditions and doesn’t work well with variable loads. Basically prime power has an allowance to exceed its maximum power, but still manages with an overload, Continuous Power doesn’t allow for this.

What is the difference between kW and kVa? 2014-08-15T01:10:31+00:00

In regards to industrial and commercial generators, Australia uses kVA as the primary value when referencing generator sets.

However, the main difference between kW (kilowatt) and kVA (kilo volt ampres) is the power factor.
kw is real (active) power that depends on the load that is used, whereas kVA is apparent power,
which is the maximum power that can be produced by the source.

To further break it down, both are power units. Voltage is multiplied by the Current.
However kVA has a Power Factor following it, for example:

kW            = Kilo Volt x Current
kVA          = Kilo Volt x Current x Power Factor

What happens if the hire generator breaks down? 2014-08-15T02:09:48+00:00

Energy Rentals have invested in the best quality generators that can handle the harshest of environments. All generators are fully serviced and tested between each hire to minimise any potential breakdowns.

If at any time there’s a problem with a generator, we’re available 24/7. There’s a technician on hand and our depots are stocked with all required parts and consumables required to sort out almost any problem. In the likely hood that there is an unusual problem and we can’t get the generator running, we’ll deliver a replacement.

When you call after hours you will speak directly to one of our managers, not a call centre, who’s main objective will be to determine the problem and have the generator up and running without any further delay.

What if I need a generator that’s larger than your biggest generator? 2014-08-15T01:13:32+00:00

Energy Rentals can provide a multi-megawatt power solution by synchronizing multiple generators to run together.

What voltage and frequency range do you supply? 2014-08-14T06:32:33+00:00

Energy Rentals can supply single phase, 3 phase, 415V and 50hz as a standard.
For custom voltages contact Energy Rentals on XXX XXX XXX for more information.

How do I work out how much power I need? 2014-08-15T02:30:25+00:00

Hiring a generator that can handle your power requirements is a critical part of engaging with Energy Rentals.

Essentially the size of the generator you require for hire depends on the total load of equipment you want to operate at the same time as the generator. If the hire generator is for backup use only, then we’d recommend a basic power solution to run you basics essentials off such as, white goods and lighting.

Overall, there are a number of factors you need to consider such as; prime or standby power, single or 3 phase requirements and the application itself. If you’re unsure contact Energy Rentals, we have technical support on hand to help determine which generator would be suit your requirements.

Do I need to hire a Fuel Tank as well as a Generator? 2017-05-19T01:23:12+00:00

Large industrial diesel generators require a fuel tank (or fuel cell). Energy Rentals has a range of fuel tanks for hire. We offer 2000, 3000, 5000 and 10,000 litre fuel tanks for hire. Click here to see our range.

Our fuel tanks are EPA Approved Stationary Container, approved for the storage of diesel fuel.
Fully bunded (steel in steel) to ensure environmental compliance with EPA Guidelines.

Are Energy Rentals products and services available nation wide? 2017-05-19T01:23:12+00:00

Yes! Absolutely! Energy Rentals is available Australia wide.
Click here to visit our contact page for full location details.

How long will it take to deliver a generator? 2014-08-15T03:00:09+00:00

All Energy Rentals generators are serviced and ready for dispatch.

Delivery may be determined on how far the location is from our branch, the size of the generator, how many you need, priority of job (is it an emergency?) and other factors. In most instances Energy Rentals aims for next working day delivery.