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Project Description

Reliable and easy to use, our Energy Rentals range of integrated transfer switches provide a safe and dependable power transfer  between sources. Perfect for Generator to generator, Utility to Generator, Utility to Utility or Three-source system.

For seamless transfer of power between the power sources in your application, Energy Rentals offers a wide range of Cummins automatic transfer switches for hire. Part of a completely integrated power system, these transfer switches rely on proven technology to deliver fail-safe performance in critical applications.

The transfer switches have been engineered with flexibility and ease-of-operation in mind. When paired with an Energy Rentals power genset, the result is a robust power system, capable of reliable performance while maximizing cost effectiveness.


Product Information

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Manufacturing
  • Event
Withstand and closing ratings up to 200kVA
Convenient front-panel display to easily review power and load conditions, make adjustments, review events, and check network status
Service entrance configurations to 1000 amps
Open, closed or programmed transition transfer
Bypass isolation and service entrance configurations
Global agency approvals, including: UL 1008, IEC, CSA, NFPA, IEEE, IBC and NEMA ICS 10